The Complete Guide to the 1880 Queen Victoria Longtypes

Now available for the first time is a 75 page definitive guide to the most diverse set of stamps produced in NZ Postal history – the 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Postal Fiscals

This publication explores the development of the set, different papers, perforations and printings, along with flaws, errors, different uses of the stamps and a discussion on the most talked about stamp in New Zealand revenue history

See the contents image for detail on the information contained in the guide.

OK – what to I get for my money?

** Colour scans of every single QVLT produced (with the exception of the 75 Pound Yellow) including those used for other purposes such as Counterpart, Denoting, Pacific Island Overprints, Not Liable, & Fine Paid.

** Complete details and colour scans of Watermarks, perforations and papers used for the printing of this set.

** A complete listing of every known printing of each stamp in this set in 2 different listing formats

** A treasure hunt challenge to find printing examples not yet known to exist

** A comprehensive discussion the help you determine whether the stamp you are considering purchasing is genuinely postally used or not.

** Hopefully motivation and enthusiasm to begin collecting this fascinating set of New Zealand stamps

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with 286 colour images to assist the enthusiast, this publication leaves no stone unturned.

The book is printed on a colour laser printer on to 135gsm gloss printers paper (gloss because it shows the images better), acetate sheet front and back to prevent cover damage, as well as a card backing sheet for extra protection. It is bound with a solid plastic slip on grip which I considered much better than spiral binding for durability and ease of use.

Feedback received

Awesome trade once again beautiful book great stuff thank you AAA+++

A must for the serious Stamp Collector’s library – Order yours today!


“The Guide” gives details of printings, watermarks, flaws, perforations, postally used discussion and all the technical aspects of the set (which appeals to some collectors), whereas “The Catalogue” focuses on PRICES for the various printings of each stamp & market values realised for scarcer items – this is of value to collectors who wish to get a handle on how much their collection is worth or how much they should be paying for their purchases.

Price $NZ30.00 + P&P

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