Wanted to Buy

This section puts you in touch with a worldwide network of revenue collectors. It enables you to list items from your “Wants” lists of New Zealand Revenue Stamps and have other members in the network check their collections to help you obtain that elusive stamp.

If you have any items which you need to fill the gaps in your collection, or are able to help out a colllector with an item from the wants list below, please use the “Contact Us” section of the website, or altenatively e-mail us direct on

If you wish list items from your Wants list please include the following information…..

(a) Details of the stamp (eg 1922 King George V DENOTING 3d Chocolate, and include any specific perfs/watermark if you are looking for a particular printing.

(b) Condition of the stamp (eg Fine Fiscally Used, Mint, Postally Used, 3/4 Margins if Imperf, On document etc..)

(c) The price you would be prepared to pay/wish to receive (if you are able to help out a fellow collector) for a copy – preferably in $NZ. Use the Market Information data on the stamp as a realistic guide. Should no price be provided then we will assume the current Catalogue Value is satisfactory.

Listings will be displayed free of charge for 6 months. We can also assist in the brokerage of the transaction for a small charge (We promise these will be much cheaper than Trademe/eBay fees or Auctioneers’ Buyers Premiums!)

To see the current list, please click on the “Currently Wanted to Buy” link below (In Red)

Currently Wanted to Buy