Wanted to Buy – Listings

Using the Kiwi Catalogue references…

R1, 2, 3, 51a, 54d, 54e, 149c, 173, 174, and 176 (Listed 4/5/2012)

R54e Arms Denoting 15/-
R54f 1935 Denoting 3d
R54i 1947 Denoting K.G.V1 3d
R89a Arms Fine Paid 2/6 Brown/Black
R95 Arms Fine Paid 9/-
R97 Arms Fine Paid 15/-
R111 1935 Fine Paid 8d Brown
R118a K.G.V1 Fine Paid 3d Blue (black)
R121 K.G.V1 Fine Paid 8d Violet
R123 K.G.Vi Fine Paid 1/- Brown/Red
R260 Die 1. 1d Slate and Red.
R261 Die 1. 1d Blue and Red
R354 Die 11 1 Pound 10 Shilling Rose and Blue
(All listed 28/5 /2012)

The purchaser is happy to pay catalogue prices (Kiwi 2010) for these items

1880 Postal Fiscals

8 Pound Green – Postally used (Listed 21/4/2012)

75 Pound Yellow – Prepared to pay $NZ10,000.00 for a FFU copy (Listed 21/4/2012)


Employment Revenues

1939 Employment 2d Green & 2/6 Black (Listed 21/4/2012)

1943 4d Orange (Listed 21/4/2012)

1944 Social Security 2d Blue-Green (Listed 21/4/2012)

1957-58 4d Orange (Listed 21/4/2012)


Die I Impeforate

R219 7/- Grey & Red  (up to $NZ125)

R220 7/- Dull Purple & Red (up to $NZ125)

R226 8/6 Blue & Black (up to $NZ 1250)

R230 9/4 Brown & Green (up to $NZ1250)

R234 12/6 Grey-Brown & Blue (up to $NZ1750)

R238 1 Pound 2/6 Brown & Blue (up to $nz1750)

R240 1 Pound 17/6 Blue & Black (up to $NZ1250)

R256a 8 Pounds 10/- Orange & Green (up to $NZ1250)

Prices paid subject to condition

Listed 30/5 2014

If you are able to help a fellow collector with an item on the above list, or wich to have an item added to the list above, please use the “Contact Us” area on the website to lodge your request, or alternately e-mail us direct on

Should you have a copy of a stamp you wish to sell, please include in your e-mail a scan (front and rear), and the price (in $NZ) which you wish to receive for it.