Stamps that never were

1. Forgeries for sale to collectors


At some point in time Fraundulent examples of Longtype Revenues stamps were produced by an enterprising indivudual. They used the Die II 8d Blue & Red as their base, erased the EIGHT from the top panel, and PENCE from the bottom panel, and used the blank canvas to invent their own values. To continue the deceprion they then overprinted their creations with F-class postal type cancellations and presumable attempted to pass them off to unsuspecting collectors as unique and postally used examples.


The images supplied below are courtesy of the collection of Walter Gill


If you look carefully at the images you can just make out the ghostings of PENCE in the bottom panel


Die II Perf 20 Pounds Blue & Red

Die II Imperf 8 Pounds 5 Shillings Blue & Red

Die II Perf 13 Pounds Blue & Red

Die II Imperf 9 Pounds 10/- Blue & Red

Die II Perf 15 Pounds Blue & Red

Die II Imperf 7 Pounds 5/- Blue & Red

Die II Imperf 9 Pounds 15/0 Blue & Red


Other values recorded are…


Die II Imperf 5 Pounds 10/-, 7 Pounds 10/-, 8 Pounds 10/-, 12 Pounds and 15 Pounds all Blue & Red (all having been converted from the 8d value)

Die I 5 Pound Red-Brown (Changed from a FINE PAID stamp)


2. Forgeries produced for (supposedly) legitimate use


Due to the extremely high values commanded by revenue stamps, the temptation to produce forgeries for legitimate use must have been high. See below for examples that cannot be proved they were produced by legitimate channels.


Die I Imperf 2 Shillings Grey & Red


Market Data





 Price $NZ

 Dec 2011


 9 Pounds 15s Die I Perf


 Nov 2011

 Dunedin Stamps

 Die II 12 Pounds Blue & Red


 Nov 2011

 Dunedin Stamps

 Die II 15 Pounds Blue & Red