1947 - 58 Social Security (11)

As the 1947 to 1958 sets are identical in values and colours except for the year of overprint, I decided to save a spot of time and combine these 12 sets into 1 listing. Catalogue values and printing varieties vary slightly however not sufficiantly enough to justify lising the 12 sets separately. A slight variation occurred after 1953 when the year’s dates were varied to reflect the financial year the stamps spanned and were overprinted 1954-55. Images have been provided for the 2 overprint varieties.

Also I have just provided 1 image for each stamp as there is little point in including images for each year of issue when the only difference is the year overprint.

If separate identification is needed between the stamps for description on sales/auction catalogues, use the NZR number followed by the year of issue (eg NZR0211301 – 1953) the exception being the 1951 “Inverted 1” variety wheich has been listed with its own NZR numbers – see the next listing in this catalogue.

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